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‘Hope’ for Haiti January 16, 2010

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It keeps you sane
in extreme desperation

holds your hand
in the darkest era

lifts your soul
to the zenith of serenity

yet keeps you touched
to the realm of reality

is like an air lingering around,
it keeps you breathing

‘Hope’ Dedicated to the people of Haiti & Hoping and praying for best.

to help and make a difference.


3 Responses to “‘Hope’ for Haiti”

  1. Yousei Hime Says:

    Thank you for dropping by and posting a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. You have a lovely website and beautiful poetry here. Thank you for sharing with me.

  2. Abhishek Says:

    An awesome ending!!!! Great words!!!

  3. Jay S Says:

    I love this one but than each and every one of your poems tops the before. Your book is a must have book for poetry lovers & to pick up some inspiration. I enjoy it with great pleasure.

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