Yours Truly

Pick up a pen and let your mind paint a picture of poetry

Yours Truly available on all eBook Readers August 11, 2011


Great news for all the digital book readers.
Very excited to announce that ‘Yours Truly – words from within’ book is now available on all eBook readers (Apple iBook, Nook, Sony reader etc). Get your copy now and enjoy!


Kissing Moon June 18, 2011

My longing desire beckons
Go kiss the fair faced moon!

Though its reflection lies
beside me
giving forth a priceless smile

than why oblige to go
kiss the fair faced moon?


Smile March 10, 2011

You need not be rich or poor
You need not be of any cast
you need not be of any color
you need not have to be afraid

A smile is all you need
it speaks all language

give it a try!