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Thank You January 21, 2009

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I really thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful emails I have received from you and I truly appreciate all the posted comments as well!! Also, I’m grateful to all of you that have bought or ordered a copy of ‘Yours Truly’ and have stated your views on my work…you know that really puts my motivation on the 4th gear. I’m very happy to announce that in addition to Xlibris ‘Yours Truly’ is now available at almost all the major bookstores, barnes&noble etc.

Look for more hindi work on my site soon!!


WAIT IS FINALLY OVER…Yours Truly December 11, 2008

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Yours Truly

Yes…today I was to receive the authors copy of my poetry book in mail and as any normal person would I was overly excited to get my hand on it and take a deep breath to absorb the reality. Well…I indeed got it today!

This reality is made possible by my ‘Service Representative’ Karen at Xlibris publishing who has been a great support and guide in giving my poetry a home “Yours Truly“. My humble thanks to Marjorie who has been an outstanding guide from beginning till now and made my book look as beautiful as it can be.
For all my readers …To you I present my book “Yours Truly” words from within

you too can make your dreams come true:-)


Yours Truly a Poetry Book September 23, 2008

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For those who don’t know, “Yours Truly” -Words From Within is the first poetry book published by Hina Patel which is filled with her collection of love poems. For those who have been waiting for so long to get your hand on “Yours Truly”, I’m so happy to announce that you won’t have to wait anymore. The book’s production has been completed and will be available soon. Until Then, enjoy the following piece from “Yours Truly” words from within and feel free to drop in your comments. Also, you can visit to read more of Hina Patel’s work.