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Where do I get Inspiration? August 16, 2009

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I have received several emails asking me interesting questions and especially one in particularly tend to be repetitious so I thought I would post it on the blog to share.

Where do I get the inspiration to even begin writing poetry?


First and foremost I’m not an expert on teaching but I can surely give you my version of exploring Inspiration. Let me make it clear that inspiration comes in many forms it can be adopted from almost anywhere and everywhere you just need the imagination to make it yours and explore or expend on it. Few simple ways to be inspired would be by something of your own interest, something that you absolutely love or love doing. For example, by music, reading or seeing something that absolutely takes your breath away, traveling or being inspired by places and ofcourse by people/role model/mentor/guru etc. An Inspiration can be as simple as what eyes see and —— and as complex as unseen imagination. Anyhow when you do find something inspires you grab a pen and paper and begin writing what you can and try to expand with your own thoughts on it.


To sum up in short:
Instead of going out and seeking inspiration, Inspiration is something that should come to you from within!
One question people have asked me over and over again is where do I get my inspiration from?

It sure is hard to explain in few words where I get my inspiration from so I thought I would rather answer that question by giving an example of my very own creation that way I can’t go wrong and I’m able to help others to expand their creative thoughts into poetry. So here it is.
Being a little sufi minded that I am and you will probably see lot of my poems shows a little glimpse of it. Having said that I’m selecting “Perfect You”(one of my poem) and how it came to its existence. I have my ever so favorite lines from a song sung by nusrat fateh ali khan and lyrics written by Mohammad Iqbal Naqibi. The first time I heard those line it instantly became mine and I explored it in my own way by questioning it and putting some of my own thoughts in it. Here are the lines:

Yeh zami jab na thi aasama jab na tha
chaand suraj na the…aasman jab na tha,
Raaz-e-haq bhi kisi per ayaan jab na tha
kuch na tha tab yeha…tha magar tu hi tu

When this earth and world did not exist
When there was no moon, sun or sky
When the secret of the truth was yet unravelled
When there was nothing, there was you…only you

Upon hearing the lines above I thought about that “only you” and how ‘I’ would come in the picture and that’s when “Perfect You” was born

Ocean as a Universe
and a drop of water
I am.
But, what am I
when I unite
with pure perfection?
Where you as pure ocean,
Oh unseen
and myself as a lyrical drop

with a desire to blend
and dwell

in you,
only you.

Additional ways of Inspiration
I recently came across a site of a wonderful artist Audette Sophia who is also a writer, creative educator, performing artist, wornderful person at heart and the list goes on and on. Thank you for allowing me to share your article “15 Great Inspiration Sources” on my blog.

I really hope this helps you all and in many ways.