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Reincarnation of April 23, 2009

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Tags: , , , previously owned by Watermark Media, one of the most popular and largest poetry site on web was bought out by Lulu . I have to say without any doubt that lots of poets and writers relied on that site to learn and share their work. So on hearing the news it upset a lot of poets and writers since they won’t be able to connect with other poets and submit their work in contests run by

However, here’s the great news I found out last week…
“Self-publishing site Lulu has re-launched the site, where users can connect with other poets and digitally publish their own verse at no cost. The site resembles in that it is targeted toward writers who want to connect with their peers and have access to resources to receive reviews and feedback on their work.”

And yes…the spokesperson of Lulu also said they would start adding new features in future months.
So hopefully ‘Lulu Poetry’ is just another incarnation of and we all get lot more out of Lulu Poetry.

I can’t wait to expore Lulu Poetry